Magnus Hirschfeld

The Magnus Hirschfeld Institute is an IGI research institute that specializes in issues relevant to proud youth in Israel. The Institute aims to monitor the changing social and cultural environment in Israel, and its implications in shaping different experiences of children, youth and young people with diverse gender and sexual identities. In addition, the Institute seeks to establish new knowledge based on the analysis of a variety of experiences in creating more public spaces, cultural products and safer and more liberating pedagogical models.

The research is carried out by the Institute’s staff, researchers and researchers in the academy associated with the institute, and in collaboration with leading academic institutions, schools, movements and youth organizations. The research findings and position papers of the Institute are published on this site. The publications provide information for anyone who works for a more just society, scholars and scholars, educators and women, communication, sociology, psychology, and of course for parents, family and youth. The Magnus Hirschfeld Institute offers seminars in various fields derived from the research areas it deals with.