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Address: Beit Oved 8, Tel Aviv.
For inquiries on various topics – WhatsApp (“dIGY”):
+972 54-9119718+972 54-9119726
HaGag HaVarod (The Pink Roof) – Emergency shelter for LGBTQ+ young people. +972 3-3798341


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For questions about activities and guides, please visit

List of Teams here

Inquiries and general questions contact the office at [email protected]

CEO, Ofer Neumann – [email protected]

Disorders regarding youth activities

Northern Yizur (Chen) [email protected]

Yizur Hasharon (Noa)[email protected]

Yizur Tel Aviv and Gush Dan (Tel)[email protected]

Southern Region (Nadav)[email protected]

Yizur Humiliation and Jerusalem (Michal)[email protected]

The Nir Program – Social Engagement (Ido) [email protected]

Inquiries about young activities 18+

Young people [email protected]

National Service and Service (Rom)[email protected]

Speech and digital issues

Certified –[email protected]

And want to volunteer?

[email protected]

I had a story about LGBTophobia

Write to us –[email protected]

For your convenience, the position holders at IGY:

Ofer Newman


[email protected]

Liana Meirom Asif

Vice President, Resource Development and External Relations

[email protected]

Noa Refaeli

Director of the Youth Organization

[email protected]

Avner Rogel

Vice President, Research and Development

[email protected]

Tali Kerpel

Youth Organization Training Coordinator

[email protected]

Liron Ben Dor

Alumni Organization Training Coordinator

[email protected]

Hadas Bloemendal Kerem

Target Group and Psychosocial Network Director

[email protected]

Ariel Ben Sha’anan

Young People Organization Director

[email protected]

Rom Ohayon

Year of Service and National Service Coordinator

[email protected]

Nitzan Tzafania

Director of Finance

fi[email protected]

Gonen Shaul

Director of Partnerships, Authorities and Government Ministries

[email protected]

Eran Evan

Finance, graphic design

[email protected]

Adi Engel

Coordinator of partnerships, business sector and funds

[email protected]

Roy Lauwner-Vax

Spokesman and Media Manager

[email protected]

Shira Kremer

Youth Media Coordinator

[email protected]

Oran Schwartz

Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected]

Yoav Keren

Digital activity coordinator (forums, WhatsApp)

[email protected]

Ido Formansky

Nir Program Director

[email protected]

Ofer Yehuda

Training Center Director

[email protected]

Noa Fidler

Sharon Region Activity Coordinator

[email protected]

Chen Feldman

Norther Region Activity Coordinator

[email protected]

Shir Rozner

Tel Aviv and Gush Dan Area Activity Coordinator

[email protected]

Nizar Halawi

Alwan Coordinator

[email protected]

Shai Raviv

Trans Activities Coordinator

[email protected]

Dekel Yehud

Religious Activities Coordinator

[email protected]

Omer Raz Shechter

Derekh Hemshekh Program Staff

[email protected]

Anat Buchnik

Administrative Director

[email protected]

Michal Stoller

Social Worker

[email protected]

Jonathan Ashkenazy

Social Worker

[email protected]