IGY Training Center

IGY’s Training Center offers a variety of lectures, workshops and trainings for youth and educational staff in formal and informal education. Together with IGY, you will learn how to make your educational and social spaces more egalitarian, inclusive and empowering for every student. At IGY we believe that open discourse and knowledge about identity, gender and sexuality and understanding their social context have the power to create change. As educators, we are committed to addressing the challenges facing Israeli society and to ensuring that every youth experiences mental and physical security no matter where they find themselves.

The Iggi National Training Center is a development, training and training center for Iggi that specializes in educational issues on youth-related issues in Israel.
The center aims to create an optimal educational climate for youth in general, and for youth in particular, in formal and informal education spaces in Israel.
The training center’s approach to addressing issues of identity, gender and sexuality comes to raise awareness and reduce social violence created by stereotypes and negative social attitudes towards the proud community, and youth in particular.
The Training Center conducts training for women and educators, enriching their educational toolbox with the aim of creating safer, more equitable and educational educational spaces for Israeli youth.
The Training Center conducts workshops and lectures for youth to enrich their knowledge and to empower their ability to shape their world in a way that is safe, equitable and containing for them and their friends.
The training and training of the training center is conducted by a senior training team, which has rich experience in youth education on gender and sexuality, in both formal and informal educational settings.
The proud knowledge and experience of the proud youth organization, in addition to the groundbreaking research knowledge of the Magnus Hirschfeld Research Institute, allows the Iggy Training Center to conduct training and training on a variety of topics with great success.