IGY Training Center

IGY’s Training Center offers a variety of lectures, workshops and trainings for youth and educational staff in formal and informal education. Together with IGY, you will learn how to make your educational and social spaces more egalitarian, inclusive and empowering for every student. At IGY we believe that open discourse and knowledge about identity, gender and sexuality and understanding their social context have the power to create change. As educators, we are committed to addressing the challenges facing Israeli society and to ensuring that every youth experiences mental and physical security no matter where they find themselves.

Trainings and workshops for schools

80% of teens reported that the word “gay” was used as an insult/curse word frequently at school.

95% of teens reported that homophobic comments undermine their sense of security at school.

*Data from the “School Climate Research – 2016” by the Magnus Hirschfeld Institute, IGY’s research body

IGY’s workshops will help you create a safe space for every student/youth and reduce homophobic violence in schools. We provide training for educational staff in all schools as well as workshops for youth in grades 7-12.

The workshops can be booked, with full refund, through the Ministry of Education.

Training and workshops for informal frameworks

Often, schools are not safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth. Therefore, social spaces in informal frameworks have the potential for creating inclusion and a sense of belonging for all. We, IGY’s Training Center, provide tools for creating a safer social space by delivering trainings and workshops to educational staff in youth movements, community centers, preparatory schools, etc., as well as to youth participating in these frameworks.

Lectures for the business sector

A variety of enrichment lectures for the business sector, based on the perception that an open discourse on issues of social diversity, gender and sexuality changes the work environment, the organizational culture and even the business achievements in the business sector.

Workshops and trainings in Arabic

ورشات وتأهيل للمجتمع العربي

ألوان نؤمن بأن الحوار المفتوح حول موضوعات كالجنسانية، الجندر والتوجّه الجنسي دون تجاهل السياق الاجتماعي، قادر على خلق مساحة مفتوحة لشتى فئات الشبيبة. كما نطمح لتشجيع وتحفيز الشبيبة على أخذ زمام المبادرة في تكوين مساحات آمنة لهم عبر خلق واقع يحترم الاختلاف وتقليص توجهات اقصائية عنيفة للمختلف.

 نؤمن أن هنالك علاقة مباشرة بين ظواهر العنف والاقصاء المبنيّة على أسس العنف الجنسي، رهاب المثلية والعنصرية. من أجل تقليص هذه الظواهر علينا السعي لحوار تربويّ ممتدّ وطويل الأمد مع التركيز على نقاش بناء، هادف يُتيح للمشتركات والمشتركين التعبير عن آرائهم بحرية تامة.

للالستشارة واالستفسار التو جه لعوفر يهودا وتاليا منسبخ عبر االيميل التالي:  [email protected]